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Oracode 660K — Keyless Access
Using Internet Generated Keycodes

Oracode 660K: Lock Specifics

This is an extremely heavy duty, ANSI Grade 1 lock with tremendous capabilities and is unlike anything you will find in local stores. The lock is a totally sealed unit with no exposed electronics and is resistant to the harshest conditions. There is a 2 year warranty on the lock and the finish.

The Oracode 660K Keyless Entry System requires no wiring. It runs on 3 AA batteries, typically lasting 2-3 years, and will alert you approximately 2 months prior to dying. The Oracode 660K Keyless Entry System is never locked on the inside, thus meeting fire exit requirements. For answers to Frequently Asked Questions, please consult our FAQ page.

The lock comes in a rugged, plated finish. Two classic colors are available to complement any décor - satin chrome and satin brass.

Access Levels & Tracking
You can produce KeyCodes with different access levels for your renters, support staff and contractors. You also decide the duration of time that the KeyCode is good for. Give it to a maid for a day or more than a year. Need to let a plumber in? Now you can do it from hundreds of miles away at 2 AM! Have a guest who claims that someone has entered their room? Need to confirm that the pest control technician actually showed up? The lock remembers the date and time for the most recent 1,000 entries and the KeyCode that was used. Simply "audit" the lock using an inexpensive Palm Zire.

Key Over-Ride
There is a key for emergency access, which can be used by the owner or management.

Most Installs Require Significantly Fewer Steps
The lock's cylindrical design is common to most residential and commercial construction, and will fit all standard wood and metal doors. Several small additional holes are needed for bolts to pass between the inside housing and the exterior keypad. A mortised version is also available.

The lock is programmed only once, when a Secure Lodging authorized installer in your area installs it. If an access audit is required, either you or your Secure Lodging installer can perform one by using a Palm unit.