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Oracode 660K Keyless Access
Using Internet Generated Keycodes

Oracode 660K: Pricing

If someone said they would take on the burden of managing your rental property keys, make the property more secure AND improve your renters' satisfaction with their rental experience by not having to worry about losing keys or meeting at the property to let others in...

...would you be willing to pay the equivalent of a cup of premium coffee ($2.80) each week to this person?

You're spending precious time and money managing keys and property access now.

Why not use that time and money for something more enjoyable

Lock Overview and Price

  • The Oracode 660K is an ANSI Grade 1 lock (American National Standards Institute's Highest Rating).
  • The finishes undergo a special plating process to withstand beach environments and hot and cold extremes.
  • Electronics are sealed in a polymer to resist moisture.
  • NO Internet or other connections are required. All intelligence is built-in.
  • The lock has Unlimited Access codes. No access codes are preprogrammed.
  • The lock and Access Codes will work anywhere in the world without modification.
  • The last 1,000 accesses or attempts are stored in the lock and can be audited.

Thank you for your interest in the Oracode 660K Keyless Lock that offers unparalleled security and convenience for you and your renters. The information within this site should answer the majority of your questions. Please Call US today toll free or using the Contact US form we will process your specific requests during the next 24 hours.

Obviously, since you have requested information, you are looking to simplify your rental process and reduce the hassle of keys. Or perhaps you are worried about the security of your family or renters while using your rental property.

Whatever your reason, the Oracode 660K can help!