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Oracode 660K — Keyless Access
Using Internet Generated Keycodes

Oracode 660K: Frequently Asked Questions

The following are questions often asked by people considering using the OraCode 660K Keyless Entry Solution. If you don't find an answer to you question here please click here to email us with yourquestion. We will typically respond within one business day.

Hope these Q&A's will help to answer some questions you may have about our Keyless systems.

Please explain how the locks are wired.

The OraCode 660K Keyless Entry System is not wired to anything other than itself. A small cable runs through the door connecting the front of the lock to the back of the lock. The lock itself runs on 4 AA batteries and does not need external power to operate.

Do the locks communicate via wireless signals?

The OraCode 660K Keyless Entry System is a totally stand-alone unit. It does not require connection to the Internet, GPS, wireless nor communication to any other device of any kind.

What about the risk of Internet down time?

Interruption to internet access is usually local or a most regional. If this occurs you can call our customer service number and they can generate codes for you. We also suggest you generate "emergency codes" in advance, say every 6 months. Since certain levels are mastered, it is quite simple. In the case of a major Internet failure or other type of emergency all Keyless locks have a traditional key capability which you can use to open the door.

What type of Internet service guarantees do you offer us?

The e-Code host server guarantees more than 99% uptime

What happens if a lock fails, is vandalized or its memory is corrupted?

This OraCode 660K Keyless lock is a “certified” ANSI grade 1 lock which is the same criteria the Pentagon uses. If the lock were to fail, there is a lithium chip that holds the memory for 7 days for recovery. If for some reason the memory is unrecoverable all that is required is for the lock to be reprogrammed using a Palm Pilot, which can be accomplished by the installer or yourself with the appropriate Palm Pilot.

Does your system include a local computer networked to the locks?

The OraCode 660K Keyless lock does not need to "communicate" with any other equipment or system. The only time you may wish to communicate with the lock is to audit it.

What is the cost of repairing the locks and who provides the service?

Internal parts for lock repair are available and relatively inexpensive. During your installation, Secure Lodging will have identified a local Secure Lodging certified locksmith for installation. This locksmith will be happy to work with you in the future.

What happens if WebKey should go out of business?

Secure Lodging Systems is an authorized distributor for the Oracode 660K Keyless lock. We simply distribute and sell the lock. Kaba, a global multi-billion dollar company, hosts and manages the eCode webservers. If Secure Lodging were to discontinue operations, the eCode servers and support would continue to be provided by Kaba.

What happens if someone picks the master lock to bypass the keyless entry?

The Keyless lock is ANSI grade 1 certified which means it has been tested and passed the highest security standards. This means it withstood 15 minutes in a room with master lock pickers given every tool from hacksaws to hammers to try to breach the lock.

Why can't I get software to generate the eCode access codes myself?

Everyone's computer has different operating systems and software installations. Many people are not very computer savvy. The technical support efforts for Kaba to support such a diverse pool of computers and abilities would be tremendous and drive up the costs of the lock. By using a web service, they can easily manage and support the eCode access code generation. Also, with software you often have to buy upgrades. This is not necessary with a web based system.

Have locks been installed in a salt water environment?

Keyless locks have been installed in testing and actual operation for over 3 years with no reported failures from salt water environments.

How long will the batteries last?

The four AA batteries that power the Keyless lock will last approximately 3 years. About two to three months before the batteries "die" the lock will alert you by alternately flashing green and red LEDs allowing time for battery replacement. Your maid can be made aware of what to look for and inform the owner.

Can I install the lock myself?

Probably, If you have some experience with door hardware installations or are "mechanically inclined", you can probably do the installation. Your door should be in good condition, and its current hardware should be typical, off-the-shelf hardware. Wood doors and jambs are much easier to work with than metal or fiberglass. Should you have a problem, you can bring in a locksmith at that time to finish the installation. View A Video

If I have 2 doors on my property, do I need 2 Oracode locks?

No. You can certainly install 2 if you like, however, it may be best to install the Oracode on the primary entrance and then use deadbolts with thumbturns (not interior keys) on other doors. Renters can still go in and out of the deadbolt doors, but won't have keys to copy or mail. The maid can lock the deadbolts as part of their cleaning routine and then the house is fully secure. If you do decide to use 2 Oracodes, they will both be setup to use the same access codes.