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Oracode 660K - Keyless Access Using Internet Generated Keycodes

Oracode 660K: Overview

Secure Lodgings' access solution, the Oracode 660K Keyless Lock , simplifies the operation of your rentals by managing a unit's access by staff, service contractors and renters.

You do not need to mail keys to renters and they do not need to mail them back. If you are using a local management company, your rental customers do not need to wait in lines for check-in nor drive to and from the management office.

Your management company will benefit, because it reduces their need to staff peak hours and to manage the keys. Keys, which when copied and used in the commission of a crime, have resulted in significant legal liability and financial judgments for both you and the management company. The many advantages of Secure Lodgings' Keyless Lock solution are highlighted below.

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OUR (CONDO, VILLA, HOME) HAS A KEYLESS ENTRY SYSTEM - Our vacation property uses the latest security technology from We do not provide keys to our guests. All access is controlled by access codes, which EXPIRE AFTER EACH RENTAL. You do not need to worry about keys being copied, driving to a rental office, losing keys at the beach, or meeting at the property to let others in. Our guests love this system, and we know that you will too!