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Room Safes — Electronic In-Room Safes

Room Safes

Easy to Use – For Everyone Involved. Electronic in-room safes from Kaba are intelligent and user friendly. They protect your guest’s valuables, without assistance from hotel staff.

  • Holds a 17” screen laptop plus documents and other valuables (209 Model).
  • Enhances a guest’s feeling of security.
  • A PIN or up to two credit cards can be used to lock/ unlock the safe.
  • Guests can customize PIN from 4 to 6 digits.
  • 400 event audit trail for security and accountability

In the event a guest forgets his PIN or loses his card, hotel staff can open the safe instantly using a hand held Safe Logger Unit (SLU). The SLU has its own power source and works directly with the safe’s motor. A factory-programmed site code prevents the use of unauthorized override modules.

The built-in self diagnostic codes are easy for hotel staff to understand. 4 AA standard alkaline batteries are used and a low battery message “BA-LO” is displayed. The safe will not lock if the batteries do not have enough power to re-open it.

There are 9 programmable security functions available, including PIN display and an anti-tamper shut down after four attempts using the wrong code. The safes can be easily installed on the wall, floor, or using an optional pedestal.

Security, Control, Accountability. You get it all.

Model Specifications

Laptop size safe 207
Size 9" H X 161/4" W X 15" D
(23 cm H X 42 cm W X 38 cm D)

Volume 1 ft3

Door Thickness 4mm Steel

Wall Thickness 2mm Steel

Weight 29 lb. / 13.5 kg

Locking Options Code
Card and Code

Finish Options Ivory

Laptop size safe 209
Size 9" H X 161/4" W X 19.7" D
(23 cm H X 42 cm W X 50 cm D)

Volume 1.4 ft3

Door Thickness 6mm Steel

Wall Thickness 2mm Steel

Weight 35 lb. / 16 kg

Locking Options Card and Code

Finish Options 2 Shades of Grey

Other Options Automatic interior light

2 Locking Options


Build the product number by specifying safe model and locking option(s) US & Canadian Sales Inquiries Tel.: 866.581.3003
Fax: 866.581.3003

International Sales Inquiries Tel.: +1.866.581.3003
Fax: +1.866.581.3003