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Oracode 660K - Keyless Access Using Internet Generated Keycodes

Oracode 660K: How It Works

Requiring no keys or key cards, the system utilizes a simple six digit, Personal Identification Number (the KeyCode). You create this KeyCode quickly and easily by going to an Internet website.

When obtaining an access code directly from the website, you login, select a User from 128 different access levels, and then enter the dates of stay. The site encrypts the access information that you entered into a six-digit access code using a mathematical algorithm. Your door lock has the same algorithm and when this code is entered into the OraCode 660K Keyless Lock, the lock "decrypts" the access code and knows what days access are to be allowed. So therefore the lock is self-contained and has no need to be connected to the Internet or a wireless network.

The OraCode 660K Keyless Lock is Simple To Use:

  • Provide your User ID and Password
  • Select the lock you wish to access
  • Select the starting and ending dates for access
  • The system immediately provides your KeyCode for those dates!

The encrypted six digit KeyCode, which can be e-mailed to your renter or provided over the phone, "tells" the OraCode Keyless Lock all it needs to know when it is entered using the lock keypad! The guest can even change the KeyCode upon arrival to a new code that is easy for the family to remember. The time-sensitive KeyCode only grants access when the guest is authorized to arrive, and then "expires" when they're scheduled to depart so it cannot be used again. No download, electronic or Internet communication with the door lock is required, and no going to the lock to program it. All mathematical logic for interpreting the KeyCode is built-in!

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