Access Control Vacation Rentals

Oracode is an intelligent, electronic access control system that provides keyless access for temporary users, such as outside contractors, meeting planners, and maintenance staff.  Using a time and date specific code.  Oracode eliminates keys and cards as well as time-consuming access control management.  The system is available as either stand- alone or online and offers the following: 

  • Access for a few hours, days or weeks. 
  • Access Management from a centralised location. 
  • Operation from anywhere in the world.
  • Code generation in advance or a moment’s notice. 
  • Code transmission to a smartphone or laptop. 
  • Integration into an exiting PMS system.
  • Management of temporary workers.


Secure Lodging Systems is a leading access control company dedicated to providing advanced, custom tailored security solutions to our clients across Western Canada and Hawaii. Locally owned and operated business that specializes in the security solutions for strata corporations, hotels, resorts, residential and intuitional clients.  You can count on our government licensed locksmiths for everything to do with keyless entry systems and assent management solutions.  We approach each property with care and strive to provide our services with minimal disruption to your property, tenants and guests.  Please call us to schedule an appointment or fill out the form to request a detailed estimate on your access control needs.